A to Z has lots of contact information for homeowners.

Here we list the basics:

Schools (public schools, private schools)

Utilities (electricity, trash, phone, water)

Emergency (Fire Rescue, Police)

Miami Government Services

Miami Dade County
City of Miami
City of Coral Gables
City of Miami Beach
City of South Miami

Villages of Miami aka specific neighborhoods within Miami

Village of Coconut Grove
Village of Pinecrest
Village of Palmetto Bay
Village of Key Biscayne

….if I’ve missed any villages, it takes a village full of idiots to find…something…surely you remember the saying…clearly, I don’t.

But wait there is more…

This page also contains what used to be password protected contact information for a host of services that will assist my customers with homeownership (my assistant made me go public with my sources). Since owning a home can inspire one to fiddle with it, I am providing you with several contacts who will be able to facilitate you’re fiddling.

I am listing these vendors as a starting point for you. Some of these vendors I have used personally, some I have not. Some I don’t even know who they are, but they’ve been recommended to me by prior customers. Use these as a guide; make sure you interview and discuss your project with them before choosing one.

Javier Gonzalez warning:

We created this section with a lot of tongue-in-cheek. We take pot shots at many trades, and if you are sensitive to political correctness…we apologize in advance but you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Please read the disclaimer as it keeps me from getting into trouble.